Whilst there are always exceptions to any rule, most refugees are putting severe risk on their own lives ad the lives of their families to seek asylum. To go to such risks would suggest that there is a great need to seek refuge. This being the case, why are other countries so unwilling to welcome these refugees?

What right do we have to deny these people the opportunities that can come so easily to us? An article published by rightnow.org.au states the vast majority of asylum seekers are found to be genuine refugees and are resettled in Australia. If this is the case, what are the issues?

Stopping the boats is deemed to save lives. Can we really confirm this is the case? Yes those refugees on those boats may have their lives saved, yes this may work as a deterrent to others from making the journey. But what is happening to these people instead? Can we confirm they are now safer? They obviously felt their lives were at a significantly high risk for them to  attempt the journey. How can we know that this risk has reduced at all?

The question I ask is why do we wish for these people to not seek refuge in Australia? (or whichever country they may be attempting to enter) Disregard for a moment the issues around arriving by boat; disregard that there is a significant risk of death on the journey. If somebody were to turn up on your doorstep telling you their life was at risk, seeking refuge and at no risk to you, what would you do? Would you send them back?


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